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PF 2022

Version 0.52


The desire of the Amazons:

  • Women’s mud wrestling – champion level
  • Quest: Kill a ghost in the library of amazon’s fortress, sex with librarian as a reward
  • Quest from amazon’s queen – make peace with the barony of Gold Rock. Quest will be longer and can’t be completely finished yet, but you can „negotiate“ peace (BDSM) – tying by baroness Elizabeth
  • Two steps back autosave
  • New 3D enemy – ghost
  • Adjustment of fonts – dark background for bright texts

Version 0.51

The desire of the Amazons:

  • Women’s mud wrestling (first fighter)
  • Illustration of bathing with Dandelion
  • Illustration of giving pantyhose to innkeeper
  • Group sex in the bathhouse under the brothel

Comics – Circe’s revenge

The Circe’s revenge comic can be freely distributed.
It serves as a popularization of the PC game of the same name.

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Version 0.50

The desire of the Amazons:

  • Larger Amazon’s kingdom (castle, palace, harbour, women mud wrestling)
  • New dungeon – to become an amazon. New enemy Dickweed. Plant, which uses her lianas to draw her victims closer to rape them.
  • New amazon’s clothing – chainmail armor
  • Sex in pantzhose with innkeeper, which likes lush pubic hair

Circe’s revenge on Steam

Circe’s revenge is an erotic transformational RPG game for adults.

You, as a hero sailed to an island of sorceress Circe. For long time lonely sorceress has avid sex with you and as a reward she gives you magical food. It’s not easy to escape the island, because horny Circe cursed your crew and wants more sex while forcing you to eat more and more. Malicious sorceress is slowly transforming you into a pig day by day with the cunning use of sex and food. However you can escape from Circe’s trap and sail away from the island. All depends on you.

Sorceress is whimsical, she demands extraordinary sexual practices, it’s not easy to fulfill all of her wishes. However Circe is not the only danger that is waiting for you on the island.

Whether you will try to escape the island, or you wish to exp...

Version 0.49

The desire of the Amazons:

  • Better viewing of avatar in the mirror (only for patrons)
  • New quest from the tax collector at the Gold Rock’s marketplace
  • Sex with barkeeper which likes lush pubic hair in the village of the Amazons. If heroine has insufficient pubic hair, barkeeper will take care of it, will make heroine to grow lush pubic hair

Prisoner colony 41:

  • Transformation of doctor Moor and nurse Susane into shemale, with the help of AndroMax medicine

Version 0.48

News:  The desire of the Amazons:
  • New clothes (skirts and dresses) for 3D avatar
  • Liberation of Silver ponds quest – for fairy
  • Masturbating abbes
We are very sorry for the low amount of new content, the reason is that we are currently working on releasing Circe’s revenge on the Steam platform, which should happen around the beginning of September if everything goes well. We will be happy if you will support our work there as well. So stay tuned in, so you don’t miss news about releasing Circe’s revenge on Steam.

Version 0.47


  • dynamic 3D shadows of units

The desire of the Amazons:

  • Taking care of Dandelion has new illustration
  • Fetish sex in pantyhose with Mea & Vea – two variations (purely lesbian sex, lesbian pissing)

Prisoner colony 41:

  • Drugs for increasing/decreasing the size of breasts. Drugs for enlarging/reducing the size of a penis

Version 0.46

  • Quicker swapping of textures (smaller fps fluctuations even for Low spec PCs)
The desire of the Amazons:
  • Fetish sex in pantyhose with Xenia
  • New illustrations – transformation into cow
Prisoner Colony 41:
  • Warden Black likes shemale / lesbians
  • Drugs for increasing / decreasing the size of breasts. Drugs for enlarging / reducing the size of a penis
  • After classing into cell, nurse Clark and doctor Moor are sexualy abusing heroine

Version 0.45

The desire of the Amazons:
  • New quest/event – Defense of merchant’s cart. When your transformation into a woman is around 60%. As a reward you can get pantyhose.
  • New fetish – Fetish sex in the pantyhose with Dandelion

Prisoner colony 41:

  • Warden Black is starting to like shemales, or lesbians. Depends on behaviour of the hero

Version 0.44


The desire of the Amazons:

  • New items (small dildo, Ben Wa balls)
  • Possibility to meet succubus in caves during collection dungeons. Hero can have a sex with her for a reward. As a reward he can choose if he wants a bigger penis, bigger breasts…
  • Possibility to masturbate during night using sex toys

Prisoner colony 41:

  • Dungeone – fall of UFO on planet of prison colony
  • Close combat weapon – pipe
  • Recipe for a medicine which helps breast growth

Version 0.43


  • Hero can masturbate in the evening while he/she is in the bed
  • Final ending of quests in nun’s monastery.
  • Heroine can become succuba.

Version 0.42


The desire of the Amazons:

  • New Quest – sex with abbess and curse of the bishop
  • New 3D clothing for avatar: corsets, gloves, crowns

Prisoner colony 41:

  • Task from prison director, which wants to have bigger breasts
  • Deciphering of DNA on data chip
  • Clothing exchange for prisoner to standard female prison outfit, have to wear female underwear


Rings for Patrons

Worker’s ring

You do house work flawlessly with a worker’s ring.

Ring of harvest

With a ring of harvest, you gather twice more materials for crafting of the potions and gold.

Ring of magic scroll

With a ring of magic scroll you will easily decipher any magical scroll.

Blood of blood

Ring of blood cause double damage to the enemies.

These rings can only be used by patrons.

Version 0.41


  • Better movement of units, crocodiles can swim and shorten the path over the water, wasps fly. Before units only walked over the surface.
  • You can meet a fairy in the dungeon along with a mermaid. You can have a sex with them and they transform a hero.
  • New sexy quest in the nun’s monastery
  • Patrons can acquire rings, which will help them to do the house works flawlessly, to gather more magic materials or to easily decipher magic scrolls

Version 0.40


  • Better algorithm for passing over obstacles

The desire of the Amazons:

  • More models for laced bras
  • German translation is ready from 30%. Translation will continue in next year.
  • New quest (dark side) to steal a monastery money box from nun’s monastery. (Sex with nun)

Prisoner colony 41:

  • Terraforming – heating of the area
  • Possibility of creating Medicomp (sci-fi medkit), Estrogen pills…
  • Pissing story with warden Black

Version 0.39


The desire of the Amazons:

  • Underwear and boots in 3D avatar. Consecutively want to add additional clothes, but that isn’t an easy task to do.
  • Option to zoom 3D avatar in the mirror. (only for patrons)
  • New illustrations for the story line, where the heroine is the maid of mistress Cassandra.

Prisoner colony 41:

  • Additional stories – sex with warden Black on the toilets. (piss story)

3D Avatar to version 0.39 (release end of November 2020)

Version 0.38


Circe’s revenge:

  • Enhanced graphics of the story, illustrations, 2D avatar, 3D characters

The desire of the Amazons:

  • New illustrations for storyline, when heroine is handmaiden of mistress Cassandra
  • New quest – sex with female centaur. Heroine will grow a horse penis
  • Additional set of clothes – Women’s clothes. Only for entering the city, heroine can’t walk pass guards as amazon

Prisoner colony 41:

  • Sex with warden Black on toilets (piss story)

Version 0.37


  • You can buy a tattoo at the marketplace of Golden Rock (only for patrons)
  • New illustrations in brothel
  • New 3D illustrations of transformation into sex doll
  • New illustrations with sex doll
  • Quest – Bathing and sex with a townswoman Susan

Version 0.36


  • Dandelion can become mistress
  • Quest behind city of Gold Rock, after which you can get cow horns
  • New illustrations
  • Clearing and improvement of the source code
  • Story  „Lesbian vampiress lover“ was released as standalone game. This story won’t be developed further and the existence of this story was only slowing progress on other stories. Maybe I’ll return to vampire story one day, but it will be different one.

Lesbian vampiress lover – freeware

Story „Lesbian vampiress lover“ was released as standalone game. This story won’t be developed further and the existence of this story was only slowing progress on other stories. Maybe I’ll return to vampire story one day, but it will be different one.


>>> DOWNLOAD <<<

Version 0.35


  • Quests, which will teach new players how to enchant items with magical stones.
  • Little 3D animal half transformations: pig’s snout, scut and donkey’s ears
  • Spanking on 3D avatar
  • Group lesbian pissing if the hero is living with Dandelion
  • Sorceress Isabel helps hero with a vaginal-surgery for a fee (only in full version)
  • New illustrations and sketches of humiliation

Version 0.34

The desire of the Amazons
  • Enhanced UI + for Mid-End & High-End PCs possibility of setting up the higher resolution, up to Full HD (1920×1080)
  • More illustrations.
  • Dandelion can become shemale.
  • You can have shemale threesome with Dandelion and Xenia.
  • Transformation to sex doll along with Isabelle.
Prisoner Colony 41
  • Enhanced UI
  • Fixes & Tweaks

Version 0.33

The Desire of the Amazons

  • More UI improvements
  • Changing Isabelle into a sex toy and using her
  • Defeating Baron from Gold Rock and the end of his army
  • The player lives with Dandelion
  • More illustrations

Version 0.32

The Desire of the Amazons

  • New Game User Interface.
  • New quest, transformation to a sex toy, sex doll
  • After completing quest, special fetish sex with witch Isabelle
  • New illustrations, winning of dungeons, with sketches

New sketch. Rescue the Dandelion from the bear.

Version 0.31

Prisoner Colony 41

  • Hero is moved to the prison cell with another prisoner
  • Showering, infirmary and teraformation work make new day cycle in the prison environment
  • Diary – look to the mirror and tracking the transition
  • Achieved victories illustrated
  • New illustration – cellmate Pencil

The Desire of the Amazons

  • New quest, an Amazon wants to get pregnant with a man. Find a live man.
  • Edited dungeon, when the player can refuse to serve Cassandra
  • Programming technic – use of specular mapping – hair shine on 3D avatar

Prisoner colony 41 – In version 0.31

The hero will be placed in a prison cell with other woman prisoners.

New website for TF Runner is launched

The new website has been launched. Future site updates will be easier.
Thank you.