About game

Game is:

  • For adult
  • Type: RPG, 2D Action, Adventure
  • Graphic avatar: Full 3D
  • Need system: Windows, DirectX


Lesbian vampire lover (female to vampire)

The transformation of a young chaste girl into an obscene lesbian vampire. This episode is complete, but I will improve it. An optional variable into succubus is planned. So far, it can be done in three ways:

  • Exorcism and become a human again.
  • Become obedient to the lesbian vampire of the Queen Vampire.
  • The state is vampire with a lesbian dominion and hunt for other girls.

The desire of the Amazons (male to female)

You are a proud knight, conqueror of the forest, who fell in a trap. Dominant druid Cassandra forced you to serve her. You’re afraid you’re changing to a woman. If you refuse to fulfill your tasks (sweeping, cooking, shoes cleaning) you’ll temporarily be changedto an animal, spanking or a special punishment. If you refuse to wear an apron, you’ll be punished. If you help poorly with potion mixing, you’ll be punished. If your mistress wants you to wash her back and you’re feeling her up, you’ll be… 🙂

There are other optional fetishes:

  • Sex with shemale. Change woman to shemale. Sex shemale and shemale.
  • Become a maid, wash your mistress and shave her pubic hair.
  • Dress woman clothes.
  • Assist in lesbian sex, wet orgasm (squirting), pissing

Circe revenage (male to pig)

You’re the captain of a ship and you and your crew, chased by a storm, dock near an unknown island. The crew hasn’t returned from the exploration. Evil witch Circe transformed them into pigs. Circe likes sex very much. She promises you to transform your men back in thirty days, if you’ll be satisfying her sinful desire. But it’s not that easy. By eating the magical food, you getting fat quickly, the witch forces you to nasty and wild sex. You’re afraid that you’re slowly transforming into a pig too. And the worst is that you like it.