Version 0.20

Circe revenge (transition up to 100 %)

  • The hero has hooves both on the arms and legs
  • The hero doesnít have a name, Circe calls him just a pig
  • Final argue between Circe and Lamia
  • The hero permanently lives in the shed
  • New illustrations (15% transformation ñ hero creampies Circe, 65% transformation anal sex with Circe)

The Desire of the Amazons

  • New dungeon: Runaway from Cassandra
  • More XXX stories, which can be seen through the keyhole
  • Mea & Vea lesbian XXX story: Fingering and Pissing behind the house
  • If the player is experienced with making potions, it is possible to deal with magical ingredients with Isabelle
  • New illustrations: Cassandra in the bath, Xenia in thermal cave
  • More faces for Amazons with emotions