Version 0.19

Circe revenge (transition up to 95 %)

  • Circe drives out the player from her home to the pig shed, the hero eats from a trough
  • Sex with Lamia in position 69
  • More voluntary gay stories in the shed
  • Voluntary hidden mini story, eating shit

The Desire of the Amazons

  • Sex with Dandelion (by the lake) has two options, depends on having a penis or vagina
  • Two little maps for sex with Xenia (thermal spring, Xenia offers honey)
  • Mea&Vea getting hair done. Lesbian threesome, only doing them with dildo works for now
  • While watching in the mirror, you can now watch List of achievements√≠
  • New illustrations: Dandelion by the lake, Mea&Vea pissing on the hero
  • More tasks from Cassandra. Keep her a light while reading, shave her, massaging her, punishments from Isabel
  • New dungeon running away from Cassandra