Version 0.72


  • Illustration of sex with Dandelion.
  • Fixed tights error at the innkeeper
  • Fixed pubic hair growth bug in innkeeper.
  • Fixed a bug not finding a wolf woman when the player wants to grow a wolf

Version 0.71


  • 3D Avatar transformation – wolf’s penis. Werewolf woman enchants a heroine with a wolf’s penis.
  • New potions for wolf’s breasts and penis
  • Goblin’s ravine – goblin lesbian piss

Version 0.70


  • Another story with goblins. Goblin shemales group sex.
  • 3D Avatar of further (wolf) transformation – You’ve grown a wolf snout.
  • A few more illustrations

Version 0.69


  • Another story with goblins. Goblin lesbian group sex.
  • More illustrations with Xenia – Xenia fucked you in the pussy.
  • 3D Avatar of further (wolf) transformation – You’ve grown a wolf tail.

Version 0.68


  • 3D Avatar – transformation of nipples. Wolf woman will transform the heroine’s nipples into wolf nipples.
  • New illustrations with Xenia – anal sex
  • Goblin’s ravine – temporary transformation into goblin shemale + sex with goblins

Version 0.67


  • New illustrations with Xenia in position 69
  • Dungeon – Goblin’s burrow – Hero is transformed by goblin into goblin and has a sex with him.
  • 3D Avatar model. After intimacies with a wolf woman, the hero grows a pair of wolf ears. In the next version, more wolf attributes will be added.
  • Big test and several bugs fixed

Version 0.66

  • New illustrations
  • Dungeon: Goblin’s cave – binding by spider’s web + sex
  • Another language mutation: (AI Deepl translation) Norwegian, Korean. (Summary: Languages translated by a human translator: English, German, Czech. With a use of Deepl: Bulgarian, Danish, Greek, Spanish, Estonian, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Latvian, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Chinese. Each language can be exported as a *.CSV file, edited in Excel/LibreOffice, and imported back into the game)

Version 0.65


The desire of the Amazons:

  • New illustrations with Xenia
  • Possibility to visit a goblin’s burrow. Getting raped by band of goblins (she)
  • Fix of Fog of War

Prisoner colony 41

  • More items
  • New inmate in isolation
  • Help to inmates in kitchen

Version 0.64


  • Massage in the hairdresser’s
  • New illustrations with Xenia.

Version 0.63


  • Quest: Hairdressing help in Gold Rock (transforming customers – long hair, no hair, big dick)
  • More sex with the fairy.
  • New illustrations.

Version 0.62


  • Quest: Killing of giant lone wolf.
  • Quest: Help the unhappy hairdresser. (transformation into woman/shemale)
  • Quest: Assistance in a hairdresser’s salon in Gold Rock. (transformation of customers)
  • New illustrations

Version 0.61


  • Breast growth – change of potion teaching (illustrations).
  • Inventory changes.
  • Swapping effects and components.
  • Fix for liana plant.
  • New illustrations Xenia (shemale).

Version 0.60


  • Quest: sex with librarian according to found book
  • Unit swapping
  • Several long-standing issues have been fixed
  • Difficulty of Forest fire dungeon has been fixed
  • Changed help when working with inventory
  • New illustrations

Version 0.59


  • Code change during control.
  • Mermaid illustration.
  • Fixed several bugs.
  • Possibility to delete saved position.

Version 0.58


The desire of the Amazons

  • Quest from fairy and sex with fairy
  • Punishment of tax collector
  • New illustrations

Prisoner colony 41:

  • Quest to get medicine for prisoner Maria

Version 0.57


The desire of the Amazons:

  • New quest in the settlement of silver mines.
  • Sex with the bandit leader Crazy Rayla
  • Sew with she-wolf
  • New illustrations

Prisoner colony 41:

  • New illustrations


Version 0.56


The desire of the Amazons:

  • Sex with Baroness – BDSM drowning
  • Convince bishop and innkeeper to support baroness Elisabeth
  • New illustrations

Prisoner colony 41:

  • New illustrations

Version 0.55


The desire of the Amazons:

  • At the beginning of the story, if the hero cooperates with Cassandra, she will occasionally send him to amazons which want to get pregnant. They’re three new XXX plots.
  • Amazon’s sanctuary
  • Sex with baroness Elisabeth, BDSM spanking
  • Enemies use better algorithm for better passing of obstacles

Prisoner colony 41:

  • You can see short clips from porn movies in the prison story part. Game has a decoder of video codecs inside the code.

Version 0.54

The desire of the Amazons:
  • Better bypassing of obstacles
  • Fix of pixel shader, colored rendering to black-white textures
  • Dungeon: Amazon’s Mill with quest to catch the goblin
  • Sex with amazon miller
  • Baroness Elizabeth – BDSM wax
Prisoner colony 41:
  • Complete rework of the game concept. I didn’t like the dailz repetitivness, I would like to focus more on RPG – improving heroes’s attributes. For now I did “prison break attempt” as a test for this, which should be a tutorial – getting in touch with new rules of the game. Gradually I will add additional stories from original version, but with new concept. More illustrations etc. I believe that players will welcome and will like game more in such form.


Version 0.53


The desire of the Amazons:

  • Better swapping of textures, more fluent scrolling
  • Better bypassing of obstacles
  • Women’s mud wrestling – master level
  • Sex with amazon farmer
  • BDSM dog dressage

PF 2022

Version 0.52


The desire of the Amazons:

  • Women’s mud wrestling – champion level
  • Quest: Kill a ghost in the library of amazon’s fortress, sex with librarian as a reward
  • Quest from amazon’s queen – make peace with the barony of Gold Rock. Quest will be longer and can’t be completely finished yet, but you can „negotiate“ peace (BDSM) – tying by baroness Elizabeth
  • Two steps back autosave
  • New 3D enemy – ghost
  • Adjustment of fonts – dark background for bright texts

Version 0.51

The desire of the Amazons:

  • Women’s mud wrestling (first fighter)
  • Illustration of bathing with Dandelion
  • Illustration of giving pantyhose to innkeeper
  • Group sex in the bathhouse under the brothel

Comics – Circe’s revenge

The Circe’s revenge comic can be freely distributed.
It serves as a popularization of the PC game of the same name.

Buy game on Steam




Contact to the author:

Version 0.50

The desire of the Amazons:

  • Larger Amazon’s kingdom (castle, palace, harbour, women mud wrestling)
  • New dungeon – to become an amazon. New enemy Dickweed. Plant, which uses her lianas to draw her victims closer to rape them.
  • New amazon’s clothing – chainmail armor
  • Sex in pantzhose with innkeeper, which likes lush pubic hair

Circe’s revenge on Steam

Circe’s revenge is an erotic transformational RPG game for adults.

You, as a hero sailed to an island of sorceress Circe. For long time lonely sorceress has avid sex with you and as a reward she gives you magical food. It’s not easy to escape the island, because horny Circe cursed your crew and wants more sex while forcing you to eat more and more. Malicious sorceress is slowly transforming you into a pig day by day with the cunning use of sex and food. However you can escape from Circe’s trap and sail away from the island. All depends on you.

Sorceress is whimsical, she demands extraordinary sexual practices, it’s not easy to fulfill all of her wishes. However Circe is not the only danger that is waiting for you on the island.

Whether you will try to escape the island, or you wish to exp...

Version 0.49

The desire of the Amazons:

  • Better viewing of avatar in the mirror (only for patrons)
  • New quest from the tax collector at the Gold Rock’s marketplace
  • Sex with barkeeper which likes lush pubic hair in the village of the Amazons. If heroine has insufficient pubic hair, barkeeper will take care of it, will make heroine to grow lush pubic hair

Prisoner colony 41:

  • Transformation of doctor Moor and nurse Susane into shemale, with the help of AndroMax medicine

Version 0.48

News:  The desire of the Amazons:
  • New clothes (skirts and dresses) for 3D avatar
  • Liberation of Silver ponds quest – for fairy
  • Masturbating abbes
We are very sorry for the low amount of new content, the reason is that we are currently working on releasing Circe’s revenge on the Steam platform, which should happen around the beginning of September if everything goes well. We will be happy if you will support our work there as well. So stay tuned in, so you don’t miss news about releasing Circe’s revenge on Steam.

Version 0.47


  • dynamic 3D shadows of units

The desire of the Amazons:

  • Taking care of Dandelion has new illustration
  • Fetish sex in pantyhose with Mea & Vea – two variations (purely lesbian sex, lesbian pissing)

Prisoner colony 41:

  • Drugs for increasing/decreasing the size of breasts. Drugs for enlarging/reducing the size of a penis

Version 0.46

  • Quicker swapping of textures (smaller fps fluctuations even for Low spec PCs)
The desire of the Amazons:
  • Fetish sex in pantyhose with Xenia
  • New illustrations – transformation into cow
Prisoner Colony 41:
  • Warden Black likes shemale / lesbians
  • Drugs for increasing / decreasing the size of breasts. Drugs for enlarging / reducing the size of a penis
  • After classing into cell, nurse Clark and doctor Moor are sexualy abusing heroine

Version 0.45

The desire of the Amazons:
  • New quest/event – Defense of merchant’s cart. When your transformation into a woman is around 60%. As a reward you can get pantyhose.
  • New fetish – Fetish sex in the pantyhose with Dandelion

Prisoner colony 41:

  • Warden Black is starting to like shemales, or lesbians. Depends on behaviour of the hero

Version 0.44


The desire of the Amazons:

  • New items (small dildo, Ben Wa balls)
  • Possibility to meet succubus in caves during collection dungeons. Hero can have a sex with her for a reward. As a reward he can choose if he wants a bigger penis, bigger breasts…
  • Possibility to masturbate during night using sex toys

Prisoner colony 41:

  • Dungeone – fall of UFO on planet of prison colony
  • Close combat weapon – pipe
  • Recipe for a medicine which helps breast growth

Version 0.43


  • Hero can masturbate in the evening while he/she is in the bed
  • Final ending of quests in nun’s monastery.
  • Heroine can become succuba.

Version 0.42


The desire of the Amazons:

  • New Quest – sex with abbess and curse of the bishop
  • New 3D clothing for avatar: corsets, gloves, crowns

Prisoner colony 41:

  • Task from prison director, which wants to have bigger breasts
  • Deciphering of DNA on data chip
  • Clothing exchange for prisoner to standard female prison outfit, have to wear female underwear


Rings for Patrons

Worker’s ring

You do house work flawlessly with a worker’s ring.

Ring of harvest

With a ring of harvest, you gather twice more materials for crafting of the potions and gold.

Ring of magic scroll

With a ring of magic scroll you will easily decipher any magical scroll.

Blood of blood

Ring of blood cause double damage to the enemies.

These rings can only be used by patrons.

Version 0.41


  • Better movement of units, crocodiles can swim and shorten the path over the water, wasps fly. Before units only walked over the surface.
  • You can meet a fairy in the dungeon along with a mermaid. You can have a sex with them and they transform a hero.
  • New sexy quest in the nun’s monastery
  • Patrons can acquire rings, which will help them to do the house works flawlessly, to gather more magic materials or to easily decipher magic scrolls

Version 0.40


  • Better algorithm for passing over obstacles

The desire of the Amazons:

  • More models for laced bras
  • German translation is ready from 30%. Translation will continue in next year.
  • New quest (dark side) to steal a monastery money box from nun’s monastery. (Sex with nun)

Prisoner colony 41:

  • Terraforming – heating of the area
  • Possibility of creating Medicomp (sci-fi medkit), Estrogen pills…
  • Pissing story with warden Black

Version 0.39


The desire of the Amazons:

  • Underwear and boots in 3D avatar. Consecutively want to add additional clothes, but that isn’t an easy task to do.
  • Option to zoom 3D avatar in the mirror. (only for patrons)
  • New illustrations for the story line, where the heroine is the maid of mistress Cassandra.

Prisoner colony 41:

  • Additional stories – sex with warden Black on the toilets. (piss story)

3D Avatar to version 0.39 (release end of November 2020)

Version 0.38


Circe’s revenge:

  • Enhanced graphics of the story, illustrations, 2D avatar, 3D characters

The desire of the Amazons:

  • New illustrations for storyline, when heroine is handmaiden of mistress Cassandra
  • New quest – sex with female centaur. Heroine will grow a horse penis
  • Additional set of clothes – Women’s clothes. Only for entering the city, heroine can’t walk pass guards as amazon

Prisoner colony 41:

  • Sex with warden Black on toilets (piss story)

Version 0.37


  • You can buy a tattoo at the marketplace of Golden Rock (only for patrons)
  • New illustrations in brothel
  • New 3D illustrations of transformation into sex doll
  • New illustrations with sex doll
  • Quest – Bathing and sex with a townswoman Susan

Version 0.36


  • Dandelion can become mistress
  • Quest behind city of Gold Rock, after which you can get cow horns
  • New illustrations
  • Clearing and improvement of the source code
  • Story  „Lesbian vampiress lover“ was released as standalone game. This story won’t be developed further and the existence of this story was only slowing progress on other stories. Maybe I’ll return to vampire story one day, but it will be different one.

Lesbian vampiress lover – freeware

Story „Lesbian vampiress lover“ was released as standalone game. This story won’t be developed further and the existence of this story was only slowing progress on other stories. Maybe I’ll return to vampire story one day, but it will be different one.


>>> DOWNLOAD <<<

Version 0.35


  • Quests, which will teach new players how to enchant items with magical stones.
  • Little 3D animal half transformations: pig’s snout, scut and donkey’s ears
  • Spanking on 3D avatar
  • Group lesbian pissing if the hero is living with Dandelion
  • Sorceress Isabel helps hero with a vaginal-surgery for a fee (only in full version)
  • New illustrations and sketches of humiliation

Version 0.34

The desire of the Amazons
  • Enhanced UI + for Mid-End & High-End PCs possibility of setting up the higher resolution, up to Full HD (1920×1080)
  • More illustrations.
  • Dandelion can become shemale.
  • You can have shemale threesome with Dandelion and Xenia.
  • Transformation to sex doll along with Isabelle.
Prisoner Colony 41
  • Enhanced UI
  • Fixes & Tweaks

Version 0.33

The Desire of the Amazons

  • More UI improvements
  • Changing Isabelle into a sex toy and using her
  • Defeating Baron from Gold Rock and the end of his army
  • The player lives with Dandelion
  • More illustrations

Version 0.32

The Desire of the Amazons

  • New Game User Interface.
  • New quest, transformation to a sex toy, sex doll
  • After completing quest, special fetish sex with witch Isabelle
  • New illustrations, winning of dungeons, with sketches

New sketch. Rescue the Dandelion from the bear.

Version 0.31

Prisoner Colony 41

  • Hero is moved to the prison cell with another prisoner
  • Showering, infirmary and teraformation work make new day cycle in the prison environment
  • Diary – look to the mirror and tracking the transition
  • Achieved victories illustrated
  • New illustration – cellmate Pencil

The Desire of the Amazons

  • New quest, an Amazon wants to get pregnant with a man. Find a live man.
  • Edited dungeon, when the player can refuse to serve Cassandra
  • Programming technic – use of specular mapping – hair shine on 3D avatar

Prisoner colony 41 – In version 0.31

The hero will be placed in a prison cell with other woman prisoners.

New website for TF Runner is launched

The new website has been launched. Future site updates will be easier.
Thank you.

Version: 0.30

The Desire of the Amazons

  • Make-up. Make-up is used in front of mirror. Player has to have at least one make-up tool – eye make-ups, lipstick, nail polish…
  • Voluntary quest, bring the lipstick to Dandelion
  • Sex with shaman, who will change the player’s skin color
  • Dandelion and other close Amazons react to the skin color change

Version: 0.29

The desire of the Amazons

  • Více stylů účesů pro 3D avatara.
  • Sex se shemale Xenií pokud máš vagínu.
  • Nová ilustrace – krčmářka má ráda hairy pussy

Prisoner Colony 41

  • Mini-game úklid ordinace.
  • Více sexu s vězeňskou zdravotní sestrou (Suzan Clark)
  • Výroba léku – afrodiziaka
  • Sex s vězeňskou doktorkou (Paola Moor)

Version 0.28

The desire of the Amazons

  • Ability to play with a different skin color and change it with potions. Caucasian, African American, Asian, Hispanic.
  • A new potion that resets the penis. Cancels the effects of thick penis, giant/small knob, etc.
  • New optional quests. Some give magical items. Teleportation headband to enemy in melee combat; gloves that allow you to shoot more arrows.
  • A more detailed description of Xenia becoming a shemale and growing of her penis.
  • Sex with a tavern owner in Amazon village. She loves rich pubic hair.
  • Adjust pubic hair shaving in 3D

Version 0.27

The Desire of the Amazons

  • The hero becomes an Amazon, itís not needed to collect ingredients anymore, but has to guard the forest.
  • More voluntary quests.
  • A brothel can be visited, convince the brothel madam and have paid sex with bawds.
  • Better haircut at hairdresserës in 3D avatar.
  • New potions (huge knob, small knob, thick member)ore voluntary quests in the town Gold Rock

Prisoner Colony 41

  • New 3D units
  • Hero can resist the doctor, who changes him into a woman. Thereís a system of punishments.
  • New illustrations of the nurse Suzanore voluntary quests in the town Gold Rock

Version 0.26

The Desire of the Amazons

  • Full 3D avatar. Continuous 3D transformation male to female.
  • Tavern fight – respect.
  • Quest ñ Revenge to the merchant, who reported Dandelion

Prisoner Colony 41

  • Transformation hero into female, maybe shemale.
  • Prison work mini game teraformation of the planet.
  • Prison medical XXX examination. The nurse is really interested in the male hero.

Version 0.25

  • New dungeon saving Dandelion from the soldiers’ camp.
  • More voluntary quests in the town Gold Rock
  • New XXX piss story with Mea & Vea
  • More illustrations.

Version 0.24

  • Player can visit the peopleís town Gold Rock as a woman. (For now, the pub and church can be visited. Iíll revive the town more later.)
  • Compulsory dungeon to take Dandelion to Gold Rock for a dress.
  • More voluntary dungeons.
  • New illustrations (Cassandra with Isabelle).
  • New 3D units (cows and other domestic animals).

Version 0.23

The Desire of the Amazons

  • Amazons are beginning in the town before the attack
  • Stronger enemy units have abilities, spiders throw the webs, wasps have poison, wolves bite
  • Another little tasks in the Amazon village, in the tavern, market, hunting, etc.
  • Tasks can be seen in the list
  • More illustrations

The story of the Circe Revenge can be won and the island can be left after 30 days as a human

Version 0.22

The Desire of the Amazons

  • Dungeon “rape attempt” continuing of the main storyline.
  • Amazons are now 3D units.
  • Alternation of day and night
  • More neutral Amazons in the village.
  • More sex with Mea & Vea (double dildo, pissing).
  • More voluntary dungeons in the Amazonsí village.
  • More illustrations.

Version 0.21

The Desire of the Amazons

  • New control of herbalism and alchemy
  • Special items for trading with Izabel.
  • Enchanting objects with magic crystals. (The wizard Izabela teaches the player).
  • New objects in the game.
  • Cassandra catches the player watching her with a keyhole.
  • The Story of Sex with Dandelion (Optional Confession of Love)
  • More illustrations (Cassandra turns hero into dildo)

Version 0.20

Circe revenge (transition up to 100 %)

  • The hero has hooves both on the arms and legs
  • The hero doesnít have a name, Circe calls him just a pig
  • Final argue between Circe and Lamia
  • The hero permanently lives in the shed
  • New illustrations (15% transformation ñ hero creampies Circe, 65% transformation anal sex with Circe)

The Desire of the Amazons

  • New dungeon: Runaway from Cassandra
  • More XXX stories, which can be seen through the keyhole
  • Mea & Vea lesbian XXX story: Fingering and Pissing behind the house
  • If the player is experienced with making potions, it is possible to deal with magical ingredients with Isabelle
  • New illustrations: Cassandra in the bath, Xenia in thermal cave
  • More faces for Amazons with emotions

Version 0.19

Circe revenge (transition up to 95 %)

  • Circe drives out the player from her home to the pig shed, the hero eats from a trough
  • Sex with Lamia in position 69
  • More voluntary gay stories in the shed
  • Voluntary hidden mini story, eating shit

The Desire of the Amazons

  • Sex with Dandelion (by the lake) has two options, depends on having a penis or vagina
  • Two little maps for sex with Xenia (thermal spring, Xenia offers honey)
  • Mea&Vea getting hair done. Lesbian threesome, only doing them with dildo works for now
  • While watching in the mirror, you can now watch List of achievementsí
  • New illustrations: Dandelion by the lake, Mea&Vea pissing on the hero
  • More tasks from Cassandra. Keep her a light while reading, shave her, massaging her, punishments from Isabel
  • New dungeon running away from Cassa...

Version 0.18

Circe revenge (transition up to 85 %)

  • The hero stops fighting with the sword. He uses only body weight and running as a pig
  • Another task from Circe. XXX story and then the hero walks on four legs only
  • More XXX mini stories with nymph Lamia
  • More gay XXX mini stories in the pig shed
  • New illustrations ñ first meeting with Circe + pig snout growing

The Desire of the Amazons

  • Dungeon fire converted. The player saves Amazons from dead in the burning forest
  • More opportunities to talk with Dandelion and Xenia
  • New locations interiors in Dandelionís and Xeniaís homes
  • New illustration watching Cassandra through the keyhole

Version 0.17

Circe revenge (transition up to 75 %)

  • The hero stops collecting food for the pigs, but finds truffles for Circe.
  • The hero runs out of bullets. He uses a sword or attack while.
  • If the player doesnít fulfil Circe wishes, doesnít bring any gifts or fails in sex, he loses and game is over.
  • More texts. Teaching Lamia the sex. Optional gay story in the shed.
  • Player loses his top, heís almost naked, only underwear has left.

The Desire of the Amazons (transition up to 40 %)

  • New dungeon of saving Dandelion from a bear.
  • More texts with Xenia in new engin

Version 0.16

Story of Circe (transition to 65 %)

  • Circe wants anal sex, the player will satisfy her, but then hooves and a tail will appear.
  • Nymph Lamia wants the player to teach her sex. That strange behavior of people.
  • The player loses clothes and forgets to use the latrine. He defecates in the bushes or under himself
  • (Optional story) After the transition to 60 % can the player have gay sex with other pigs

Amazon in the new engine (up to 30 % of the transition)

  • The player has dreams
  • The player can watch Cassandra at night through the key hole
  • When the player saves Dandelion, he takes care of her for few days
  • Access to the Amazon village

Version 0.3

  • View self in mirror. Diary entries. Remind yourself the transformation.
  • In the first (vampire) episode. New figure succubus and dance for her.
  • In the second (amazon) episode. Inventory and dressing yourself. A great number of corsets, socks, naughty dresses and combat armor.
  • In the second (amazon) episode. If a player accepts his femininity, he can do homework for Kassandra much easier and get more stuff at the same time (mini-game).
  • In the second (amazon) episode. Meet a girlfriend who closer the women world. And new dialogs.
  • Other translations Polish, Italian, Portuguese (translated by google translator)

Version 0.15

  • Improved random maps generating
  • Improved bypassing obstacles
  • Transition to pig up to 56 %
  • New XXX story, Circe shaves player’s head
  • Optional gay XXX story
  • Transition to woman up to 20 %
  • Everyday routine cleanup, dungeon, rating, punishment

Version 0.14

  • Graphics settings. Slower PCís might need to turn off grass rendering, reflections and some other functions.
  • The revenge of Kirke, transformation male to pig, can be played to 55%. The hero is getting fat, a pig snout is growing and ears too. But heís also rewarded with sex for every step in the transformation.  
  • The player loses clothes in the Circeís revenge, he answers the call of nature and a new dungeon is available ñ help Lamia with skeletons.
  • Conversion of the Amazons to the new engine continues.

Version 0.13

  • General optimization, some issues fixed, new little graphic resources in The love of the lesbian vampires.
  • More of the storyline in The revenge of Circe. Circe doesn’t like skinny men and she does a blowjob to the player if he gets fat enough. And if the player brings a present to Circe, he’ll experience awesome oral sex which will cause a pig’s snout growth. More dialogs with nymph Lamia.
  • The story The desire of the Amazons is being converted to the new game engine. First map is done for now

Version 0.12

  • New user interface.
  • New game engine. Improved AI. You can fight close-up or shoot or throw fire magic (fireball)
  • Amazons – Xenia, another sexual story shemale vs shemale.
  • Vampires ñ Improved and fixed the story of the vampires in the new game engine.

Version 0.11

  • The story Circe’s revenge (male to pig) continues. New localities witch house, beach with the ship, pig shed. Mini game food (like Pac-Man).
  • Dungeon ñ finding food for the pigs
  • Amazon more clothes and better arrangement of the clothing groups.
  • Amazon ñ anal sex with Xenia. You need to make a butt plug.

Version 0.10

  • The new story is beginning – Circe’s revenge (male to pig). On new game engine. Story plot, first maps and first sex are done.
  • Amazon Xenia What will happen between shemale Xenia and the player in transition? Maybe taking her penis in mouth and try position 69. There are two variations – female x shemale or shemale x shemale.
  • Amazon – Mea&Vea striptease and lesbian pissing. New mini pissing game. If the player is transformed enough, itís possible to enjoy pure lesbian group sex. More pissing in the lesbian threesome.
  • Amazon ñ Trying on some womenís lingerie with Dandelion. Mental transformation – develop a taste for wearing sexy lingerie. Trying on stockings, panties, corsets which continues with soft lesbian intimacy.

Version 0.9

  • The vampire story is in the new game engine completed. I worked most this month on this. But I confess. There are still bugs. Path search, AI, slow map generation, I will deal with it in the following month.
  • The vampire story is fully functional, even in the old game engine.
  • In the old engine, the amazon story is also fully functional. Here are some new stories. Amazons will be transferred to the new engine later when the new engine will work better.

Varsion 0.8

  • A total of 18 magic potions of variations and recipes for their production. Recipes can be found in dungeons.
  • New stories (Xenie – the player touches her penis? Dandelion – does the player wear her lady’s blouse ? Cassandra – Massage and punishment for player)
  • New ilustrations by professional 2D / 3D graphic designer.
  • More translations Greek, Turkish, Chinese (translated by google translator)

Version 0.7

  • Inventory upgrade – the clothes system is intuitive.
  • More optional story, with Kassandra. Kassandra can make a maid from a player. The possibility of becoming a make a maid is more, but it is optional.
  • Illustrated by professional 2D / 3D graphic designer.
  • More optional shemale story, with Xenie.
  • Amazons Mea and Vea – lesbian sisters. New optional XXX story (wet orgasm squirting and lesbian pissing).
  • More translations Lithuanian, Slovak, Ukranian, Norwegian (translated by google translator).

Version 0.6

  • More story, a special dungeon, after which the amazons will no longer despise the player.
  • More optional XXX story, Xenie is shemale.
  • Amazons Mea and Vea – lesbian sisters. New optional XXX story (squirting).
  • Amazon Mea is a hairdresser – change you avatar hair – style, color, length
  • More translations Hungarian, Danish, Korean, Finnish, Swedish (translated by google translator)
  • For fans: In [Main menu] – [Settings] export any language text into *.csv (unicode text file), edit in Excel or order utilites, import file *.csv into game.

Version 0.5

  • (Episode 2) Punishment of spanking – a beating from Kassandra. For poor work.
  • Better English translation – no machine translation. (since version
  • New character Xenie, an optional shemale story.
  • Intimate friendship with the Dandelion.
  • Mini-game Anal sex.
  • Work on a better graphic engine ìOrlojî continues. Test demonstration in game.

Version 0.4

  • In the first vampire episode, the possibility of transformation into succubus.
  • In the second amazon episode, the growth and shave of pubic hair.
  • Save / Load game.
  • In the second episode of Amazon, a friend with the Dandelion.
  • Work on a better graphic engine continues. Test demonstration in game.
  • Other translations Spanish, Dutch, Japanese (translated by google translator)

Version 0.2

  • Resolution HD ready (1280×720)
  • Music (mp3) on the background of the game
  • Other translations German, French, Russian (translated by google translator)
  • New ability, front defense [Left Alt].
  • In Episode 2 (Amazon desire) misteress Kassandra takes you to a magical tower where you are forced to serve it (clean, cook, wash). Sometimes you get the job of collecting the magic herbs.
  • Mini-game occasionally sex with amazon, which is increasingly difficult as the avatar shorting the penis.
  • In episode 2 – The New Thing – Herbalism, if you listen to the Kassandra teacher, you can learn how to cook the magic potions. And partly decide on your transformation.

First publication ver: 0.0.3